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The key to success in any business is a steady supply of qualified inbound leads.

Instead of cold calling or other forms of sales prospecting, your sales team is engaged in following up on qualified leads that have already expressed interest in engaging with your company.This means that prospects already understand your product and have some background on your business. This saves your sales team a ton of time and allows them to establish credibility and trustworthiness earlier in the sales process. Not only do properly qualified leads make a salesperson’s life easier, but customers will also be happier throughout the purchase cycle because expectations were properly set prior to the purchase; and they are likely to refer others to your business after the sale.

MiCom Media’s online lead generation services focus on creating engaging landing pages, creating content for those pages that engages and builds confidence in your business, and developing social media based traffic generation campaigns that drive prospects to your site and converts them to customers.

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Micom Media brings in-depth understanding of how businesses can successfully connect and wow customers.

We offer creative solutions that have helped companies develop and execute winning strategies that create more value in their business. We work collaboratively with you, so you can:

  • Achieve consistent, long-term growth, a feat only one in nine companies manages to pull off. Develop a corporate strategy that produces sustainable value, one that enables you to reach full potential in your core business, expand into adjacencies using a repeatable model, and successfully expand into emerging markets.  
  • Make key decisions on where to play and how to win by developing a business unit strategy that takes a specific business to its full potential.
  • Develop digital strategies that deliver on the promise of your core strategy, with a unique approach that combines near-term, high-impact initiatives with a bold vision for how your company will compete as digital reshapes your industry.
  • Leverage the power of proven tools and techniques that enable you to execute your strategy with nimble experimentation and quick-hit problem resolution. Our structured approach to innovation enables you to merge the talents of your commercially focused and creative team members to spur the innovations that fuel your strategy.

Today’s high touch online marketing campaigns are content and data intensive.

MiCom Media works with the leading providers of marketing automation technology to integrate lead nurturing campaigns into your organization’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to streamline your business process by replacing high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions.Our solutions are focused on aiding our partners in fully understanding prospect personas and online behaviors and using this information to develop a strategic marketing plan.

Our Solutions include:

  • Development and analysis of marketing campaigns and customers
  • Management of marketing campaigns
  • Integration of marketing campaigns with CRM systems

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