About MiCom Media


MiCom Media is an interactive agency focused on demand generation using niche targeted social media and engaging content to produce results. We are dedicated to smart thinking that helps clients outperform their competition. And we’re known for brilliant ideas that create big impact—but don’t require bigger budgets.

We know this approach is more relevant today than ever before, and the fact that our clients return to us again and again proves it.

Our clients span a wide array of industries with extensive experience in specific sectors – healthcare, legal marketing, professional services, real estate, and hospitality. MiCom Media provides clients with customized marketing solutions tailored to defined business needs.

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Josh Miles, CEO of MiCom Media

Josh Miles

Josh’s passion for sailboat racing illuminates his creative approach to business problems. In the same way that a captain leads a team towards the finish line in a changing environment of varying wind, competition, and technology, Josh balances creative and budgetary resources to win in the dynamic world of interactive marketing. With so many variables, it can be daunting for any professional to chart the correct course.

Josh relies on his background in direct marketing to understand what motivates customers to buy; his years of experience in professional services to understand the realities of the C-Suite; and his background in e-commerce to quantify and track success.

Social media has added new tools for creative engagement with current and future clients. Nurturing those relationships from inception through the purchase process to create brand ambassadors has become every marketer’s holy grail.

By helping clients build internal infrastructure and teams, Josh extends a campaign beyond the next quarter or fiscal year. He knows that value for the brand lies not in winning an award but in delivering a quality product to the customer that creates a loyal advocate. And that is what he does…over and over again.

With a history of agency and partner collaboration with some of the world’s top companies such as AMN Healthcare and Fellowes Office Products; Josh brings depth of knowledge to developing and improving ROI in multi-channel marketing and open innovation strategies. His proven history in managing multi-functional teams, and passion for excellence infects all who work with him.

Technology changes like the wind and competitors constantly shift strategy. MiCom Media knows winning takes a team with laser focus on crossing the line first, with a strategy that embraces innovation, and with the discipline to keep the ship on course.