Top 10 Fan Page Tips To Gain Opulence

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Do these 10 things…make more money!

1.  To promote the most sharing, include a picture with each post, they create much more engagement.  Upload photo and video content directly to Facebook rather than linking to content on other platforms.  Facebook changed its Edgerank algorithm in Nov. 2012 to favor content that is hosted on site over off site.  Monitor the “Viral and Organic Reach” in Insights to see what content works the best, then post more of that kind of content.  Post long form written format in “Notes.”

2.  Post often…3-5 times per week if possible.  Remember you can pre-load posts by setting the date in the future.  We usually try to schedule at least 2 weeks, preferably a month of posts at a time.  Create a Call To Action with in some posts to create conversation or drive traffic to a promotion.  Ask questions to increase engagement.

3.  Don’t just make posts like “Buy Our Stuff” I usually use a 4 to 1 to 1 ratio with 4 posts about things other than ‘Buy Our Stuff” like interesting pictures, recipes, local color etc. Then one post that’s related to your business but not a straight sales pitch, such as a case study, then one post that is a sales pitch such as “15% off our product today.”

4.  Provide an attractive value proposition in the About Section of your Page why people should “Like” your page.  Something like “We provide the country’s best product.  ”Like” our page for Friends and Family deals with an occasional pearl of  Wit and Wisdom.”

5.  Be timely in your posts…one month before Thanksgiving start flogging Thanksgiving reservations, shout out the start of the season, Gift Certificates for Christmas, and other relevant time based info.

6.  Provide real value to your Fans.  Maybe it’s a “clearance” deal on Mondays where you get rid of the extra product from the season or something similar. Or “Buy 10 of something through the Facebook storefront get one for free to take home.”

7.  Piggyback on established Pages to gain visibility.  Comment on related pages within the Community or Industry with links to content on your Page.  Just remember to return the favor, make sure you “Like” their Page.

8.  If in retail add an online Facebook Store to your Page for free using “Payvement” or similar service.  Give people an opportunity to “Click and Buy” right from your Page.  You may end up needing to talk with them about the purchase, but you will have gotten an order…maybe while you sleep or can’t get to the phone.  A lot of people are doing their Holiday shopping and entertainment plans online while they are supposed to be “Working.”

9.  Respond to Questions, Comments, and Conversations immediately if possible, if not definitely within 24 hours.

10.  Have FUN.  People like to have FUN.  You will have more engaged Fans if you provide them with something more than the latest talk about your product.  What people find FUN are pretty pictures, Contests, breaking industry news, and great video.

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By Joshua C. Miles  Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

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