Social Application Development and Integration

Brands are challenged to stay current on platform changes, user preferences, and dynamic technologies in the emergent field of Social Applications. Design, Development, Distribution, and Quality Assurance methods are in constant flux, driven by technology advances and shifting user behaviors.

MiCom Media Application Development and Integration services provide full life cycle support of custom application development and third-party application integration. Our team brings a depth of expertise that focuses on the end user experience and works backwards to solve complex computing problems, integrating new systems into our partner’s current technology environment. When possible we work to adapt existing technology to the business need, and our experience with various technology solutions translates into savings as we leverage the strengths of each provider.

We strive to build in the principles of “Social By Design” into all of our development endeavors. Chief among these is designing applications that delight users so much that they are driven to share the experience with their friends. The basic human drive to share good times with others is the secret sauce that drives all social sharing.

Case Study

A major healthcare provider needed to connect and manage data and multi format content gathered through multiple platforms with their Customer Relationship Management system by providing a company portal which would enable the sales team to establish and maintain relationships with healthcare professionals. This portal would also be the starting point for interactive marketing and partner engagement programs. The business requirement was to conform to 3rd party Terms of Service, while safely capturing personally identifiable information.

MiCom Media helped to transform the engagement and Relationship Management Platform from a high cost per use third party provider to a modular product that could be configured on a campaign level. Based on individual marketing goals and use cases, the improved portal solution allowed the group to reduce the cost of promotion deployment and provided seamless data integration with the current customer relationship management system. Enhanced tracking of customer interactions minimized the hours required to manage each new data asset and provided built in ROI tracking for multiple channels and campaigns. In addition, administrative users of the portal could quickly create new layouts for different groups and customize the user interface based on the specific deployment, resulting in improved revenue source visibility.