Few organizations have developed consistent strategy, business processes, or a set of guidelines to manage business crowdsourcing. The rise of social media and crowd based innovation platforms in the consumer and technical space have also forced organizations to revisit their overall innovation strategies in the hopes of gaining the collaborative power seen outside the company walls.

At MiCom Media, we understand that in today’s business world, integrated and results-driven innovation is not only a differentiator, but also a core requirement of an effective organization. We have leveraged our years of experience to develop cost effective and scalable open innovation solutions.

Our platform agnostic approach allows us to deliver results by leveraging the strengths of a diverse range of communities of problem solvers and creative thinkers. Whether our partners are looking to tap the creative powers of filmmakers around the world to develop an out of the box marketing campaign, the scientific acumen of 100,000+ scientists to solve an intractable chemical problem, or develop a framework to leverage internal resources and existing partner networks our experience in best practices, technology platform performance, and social media enables us to address open innovation from multiple angles, assuring our partners a complete, and flexible solution.

We evaluate project goals, budgets, and internal and external resources to determine the best platform and Open Innovation strategy to assure success. We develop end-to-end solutions, utilizing industry best practices, and ensuring internal buy in from the executive leadership to the end user.

From a practical perspective, consistent with our consultative and collaborative approach, MiCom Media Media’s preferred method for developing open innovation solutions is through our “FASTER” innovation methodology. This approach serves to Find appropriate problems based on our partners internal capabilities, Apply best practices to align project focus with realistic business goals, Stimulate solver groups through appropriate rewards and platform selection, Test possible solutions, Evaluate results in practice, and Refine the process efficiently.

Case Study

A national company wanted to tap a diverse community of filmmakers to provide video content through a contest. The client had numerous web properties, social media platforms, digital video assets and user groups, but lacked a cohesive plan and platform to manage the contest across multiple channels and review content. They sought to better leverage, manage, and extend these sources by way of a promotional video coupled with paid and earned cross-platform messaging to promote the contest, and application. Together with the client, MiCom Media Media selected and implemented a community based marketing program to identify relevant internal and external communities, developed a multi-platform advertising and messaging strategy to reach them, and customized an application that integrated a video management and display system.

The contest resulted in a wealth of low cost, high impact content, consolidated previously disassociated communities, and increased partner and customer engagement. By tracking key performance indicators the enterprise was able to measure results, demonstrate a positive ROI, and document best practices to be used across business units.