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Chances are your site is broken, and you don’t know it. Most law firm websites that we review fail to engage visitors with compelling content, don’t deliver a compelling call to action, nor provide real time answers to questions. In many cases this is for technical reasons. The site does not render correctly on iPads, smart phones, or large HD monitors. Content is not visible to visitors with varying operating systems and browsers. If the content is visible and the site is viewable, in many instances there is nothing worthwhile to see, so the prospect moves on to the next attorney who provides a compelling user experience.

MiCom Media Design Attributes

Responsive Web Design-

Responsive Web Design-Websites should be designed so that the content they contain is viewable on any device. Whether your visitor is on an iPhone, iPad, or viewing your site on their big screen TV, they should have a user experience that is optimized for that device. We accomplish that by using grid based design and scripts that adapt to the user’s hardware and software. This means that no matter what platform your client’s find you on, your firm appears polished, professional, and competent. Put yourself in the client’s shoes. If you fail to manage your web presence in a professional manner, how will you handle their case?

Engaging content-  Today’s web users expect more than an address and a bio from an attorney. For better or worse, consumers are used to being “WOW”ed. They want to ensure that they are getting a lawyer who is the best in their field, and who communicates that expertise in an impactful way. Until the kinks are worked out in virtual reality, video is the most engaging medium because it connects with the human brain on so many different levels. Sight and sound combine to give a real sense of connection. Video offers a way for your prospects to get a feel for who you are, your expertise, and your personality before they ever get in the room with you. Our integrated campaigns then take that video content, optimize it for search, and distribute it throughout multiple online platforms to create a web that funnels people first to your website, then into your office…at that point it’s up to you to make the prospect your client.

Real Time Live Chat-  Are you connecting with your site’s visitors in real time? If you are like most attorneys we work with, you are too busy fighting for your clients to chat with each visitor to your website. Our managed website monitoring live chat services are there 24/7 to engage clients right when they visit your site. This translates into proven increases of 400% in visitor to lead conversion rates.

Analyze Traffic and Revenue- We create a framework to analyze what’s working and what’s not, so that you can track the leads that these efforts are bringing in, and how much revenue is actually being created. We believe that there is gold in the data, and we provide analysis based on industry baselines so that you can tell how you stack up.

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