Legal Lead Generation

You have worked hard to establish a reputation as an effective litigator, but if you are not leveraging all available online channels to reach prospects your next client may pass you by in favor of an inferior attorney with better marketing. Clients visit multiple resources online to research firms before they ever pick up the phone. MiCom Media creates an integrated campaign that leverages the strengths of each platform and creates a funnel that leads to you.

Social Media Marketing- MiCom Media creates, customizes, and optimizes your profile pages on the top producing social media sites. LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, YouTube, and even Facebook are all opportunities to connect with clients as well as improve the Search Engine Optimization of your site.

Directories- Most law firms are not utilizing their directory listings effectively. The language used in your listings and techniques employed to link to your website from your listings drastically influence their effectiveness. MiCom Media applies our understanding of consumer purchase behavior, and uses search engine optimization techniques to create listings, leveraging effective inbound links that motivate prospective clients and improve your website’s ranking in the search results.

Paid Search-  Besides the obvious Google Adwords, there are multiple Pay Per Click and Pay Per Lead opportunities that can provide positive ROI if used efficiently. In many cases these channels are more cost effective and provide better results than Adwords. Setting up and administering multiple niche Paid Search Campaigns allow us to target qualified prospective clients and direct them to your firm’s website.

Local Search-  With the new “Mixed Results” format of the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) local search has dramatically increased in importance. In many instances the local results dominate the page, creating a great opportunity to connect with prospective clients. Optimizing for local search is a highly effective way to increase traffic. MiCom Media optimizes your listing with the goal of appealing to prospective clients AND rising to the top of local results.

On Page Engagement-  Once prospective clients get to your website, what are they doing there? Are they spending a couple of minutes interacting with engaging content, watching videos that establish your expertise, entering into online chat with a live representative of your firm, then booking an appointment to meet with you? If that is not what’s happening, then something is very wrong.

We specialize in creating a user experience that engages visitors, answers questions, qualifies prospects, and results in revenue.  Contact us today to see if you qualify for a free ($500 Value) marketing analysis of your website and sales process.