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There is no better way than video to establish your expertise in your practice area, to increase engagement with prospects who visit your site, and in the process help your site move to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). MiCom Media’s video production, distribution, and optimization services include the production of professionally produced content that engages your target audience on your website itself, as well as creates channels for your target audience to find you through YouTube, Local Results, directories, and other social media platforms. This gives your firm the ability to connect with clients in many different ways that ultimately will bring in more qualified and higher value clients.

Video taps into people’s natural propensity to connect with people that they can see and hear. When you share your knowledge of your practice area with prospective clients through video, they are able to experience your depth of knowledge as well as your personality firsthand. Since video connects with people through so many different senses, it allows people who learn by different methods to absorb the information you are sharing. Some people are visual learners, some people are auditory, and some learn experientially. MiCom Media designs our attorney videos to connect with people in a variety of ways, so that no matter how your audience learns best, we provide a channel that suits their natural path to understanding. This means that after your prospects views your video, they will feel educated on the subject matter, and you will be regarded as the teacher and expert.

Video is the most engaging way of interacting with someone short of shaking his or her hand, and our video is designed to lead to exactly that final level of engagement as the prospect retains your firm. We optimize and distribute video across various social media and professional platforms, so that the prospect is moved inexorably through the stages of the buying process.  We build awareness, create interest, foster desire and provoke action.  Using research proven techniques we integrate video experiences that result in new clients and increased revenue.

According to an in-depth study by Forrester, pages that contain video are 51 times more likely to show up in the search results than pages that do not. This means that the video that we create and distribute online dramatically improves your chances of getting found by people who are searching for someone with your expertise. In addition to integrating the video on your website, MiCom Media provides white hat SEO services to ensure your video is indexed by the major search engines and is incorporated into the Mixed Results local users see when they search for your firm.

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