In the hospitality industry, your reputation is the basis for your revenue. MiCom Media offers a suite of online marketing and creative content development services to ensure that your guest has an exceptional experience with your business from reservation to return visit. Our content development and promotional consulting services help create demand and extend the reach of your brand to new audiences, while creating communities that drive revenue through referrals.

Application Development – Build a connection to your guests, monitor guest behavior, take reservations, and distribute promotions.

Social Application Development and Integration – Build connections between your website, social media profiles, and the API’s of leading hospitality referral sources to integrate independent reviews into the user experience.

Responsive Design – Create a user experience that showcases your property and dedication to service elegantly on any device.

Video – Engage with clients and showcase your property.

Social Media – Create conversations that lead to conversions and turn guests into advocates for your brand. Optimize your Profiles for local search and SEO visibility, and build new channels for booking reservations into social media platforms.

Lead Generation – Build your business by building your funnel. Turn Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter into revenue channels as well as communication opportunities.

Marketing Automation – Automate your content delivery based on visitor behavior, and nurture your customers between bookings.

Social Media Monitoring – Monitor your reputation online, respond effectively to crises, and amplify positive feedback.