Recruiting and retaining elite healthcare teams has a direct impact on the quality of service experienced by patients. Today’s progressive healthcare organizations embrace a patient-centered holistic wellness approach that encompasses more than just treating the symptoms of an illness. To serve patients better organizations are addressing patient’s lifestyle choices, compliance with treatment regimes, and family support that good health requires.

Online marketing offers an opportunity to connect with patients, their families, and providers to communicate, educate, and engage.

MiCom Media’s creative and technical solutions for the healthcare industry include:

Social Media – Create conversations that lead to conversions.

Application Development – Connect with patients and employees.

Crowdsourcing – Develop solutions using internal and external solver groups.

Video – Create content that engages patients and employees.

Design – Connect with users elegantly on any platform.

Social Media Monitoring – Understand your brand’s impact, measure sentiment, and avert social media disasters.

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