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Organizations seeking to engage prospects and partners through online video face several challenges. Video has emerged as perhaps the most effective method to communicate ideas quickly, but its efficient production and distribution eludes most organizations. MiCom Media believes in customizing a video solution based on our partner’s business needs, internal resources, and customer expectations. In many cases a hybrid solution harnessing internal, external, and crowd-sourced content provides the right mix of expertise, perspective, and creativity to communicate an idea.

Our main focus is helping companies create engaging content for use online. A classic mistake is to try to re-purpose content originally created for broadcast online. Many of the techniques that define a great broadcast commercial will simply not work online. This is because the broadcast advertising system relies on “interruptive” methods to gain people’s attention and make an impression. When deployed online, these interruptive methods turn people off of the brand, and they click away to more engaging content.

Creating, distributing, and optimizing engaging content for online use is what we do at MiCom Media. We also produce broadcast quality commercial content through our Spearhead Media production company. Whether you want to educate prospective customers online, or create a commercial for television, we provide the best video solution.