Social media based contests can be highly effective in generating revenue and brand awareness…if they are done correctly. Our clients have experienced very high ROI on contests, and generated great buzz about new products and services with minimal investment. On the other hand if contests are not administered properly not only can your promotion be a marketing failure, but your business could face serious legal and brand implications, from having your Page banned from Facebook, to legal charges from the US Government.

Contest Development Process

Target the right audience:

It is better to have 100 entrants from your core customer demographic, than 1000 entrants who will never turn into customers. The process of developing a campaign to reach potential entrants across various social media and online platforms is one of the most important keys to success in online promotions. We develop a multi-platform campaign utilizing paid and unpaid marketing techniques to attract entrants who match your target customer.

Create engaging messaging and content:

Once your target audience reaches the Entry Page, its up to the quality of the content to communicate the value proposition that will motivate them to enter. Our experience in design, production, and contest psychology allows us to create messaging and content that motivates them to play.

Deploy appropriate technology:

There are many competing platforms on which to run your contest. After years of experience running contests across various platforms; we can efficiently customize and deploy the right technology based on your business goals. It is our experience that in some cases an off the shelf solution will not cover all the bases; in that case we will develop custom Applications to get the job done.

Identify an appropriate motivator:

The same things do not motivate all customers. We draw on our experience to identify prizes that will drive participation. These may be 3rd party prizes like iPads, free services or products that our partners produce, or intangible prizes like recognition or bragging rights.

Decide on Structure:

Depending on the business goals, some types of contests are more appropriate than others. Our partners deploy contests for a variety of reasons, from building an audience on Facebook to harvesting user-generated content to use on other platforms. We develop the structure and function of the promotions to match business goals, community type, and internal management resources.

Develop Contest Rules:

There is a whole body of online rules and government laws governing how contests are run. It’s important to comply with them to ensure that your promotion does not run afoul of platform Terms of Service, or government regulations.

Measure ROI
We deploy extensive analytics at each stage of the process to measure the effect and ROI of our contests. We feel that in order to judge the effectiveness of a contest, there must be data on revenue generated and impact on brand awareness.

These steps ensure that each contest fulfills our partner’s business goals and avoids the legal and marketing pitfalls that can derail a brand’s progress. Call us today to discuss your goals and determine what type of promotion makes sense for your business.