Social Media

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Social Media Marketing works best when you use the classic definition of marketing: it’s about relationships with customers and markets are actually conversations. Using social media to create interest, awareness and excitement among customers and prospects makes business sense.

We do not confuse conversational marketing tactics with annoying sales hype. We do not confuse the value of getting others to say you are great because you have done something great with transparent promotional gimmicks.

Social Media Marketing has enormous strategic and value potential for enterprises that steer the smart course. Businesses can collaborate with users to make products better and bring them to market faster. We also use social media to reduce traditional marketing launch costs and to leverage a 24/7 focus group comprised of people who really care about your brand rather than get paid to babble.

Businesses should be using social media to start and monitor conversations with the most relevant and influential members of the community and recruit them as customers and partners. At the same time, companies are recognizing that social media creates value and fosters innovation by leveraging their existing network of customers, employees and business partners.

MiCom Media’s Social Media Marketing services are centered on people’s inherent desire to share things that they like. Creating valued and engaging content and a framework for interacting with that content leverages this basic human drive to amplify your message.

We use Social Media Marketing to help our partners:

  • Increase exposure/awareness/visibility
  • Drive traffic (e.g., to websites)
  • Generate leads/driving customer acquisition
  • Provide marketplace insight
  • Increase sales conversions
  • Build brands

By clearly defining the business goals that can be achieved with a social media solution, and cleverly integrating social media technologies (such as application development and CRM integration) with business processes that are currently in place, we leverage and surface this natural desire of people to share insight, improve on the shared information, and collaboratively innovate new solutions and test new ideas.

Our team works to clearly define business goals that can be addressed via a Social Media Marketing solution. Then, we will recommend a best-fit solution that will efficiently accomplish the goal while leveraging existing technology & existing internal resources. Since showing value and ROI is key to the success of a solution, MiCom defines the appropriate metrics to measure the true benefit of Social Media Marketing to the business and implements technology to track those metrics through the sales cycle. MiCom Media helps our partners develop plans for the successful adoption of Social Media Marketing into the corporate culture, including coordinating efforts around awareness, training, best practices, standards, and implementation.

Case Study

MiCom Media developed a Social Media Playbook and Technology Brief that allowed a VC backed e-commerce company to establish social media as one of the main drivers of online revenue and created a tracking and social listening system to track individual campaigns and consumer sentiment. The main purpose was to quickly ramp up social media as a revenue source, and prioritize spending on IT and content development to those channels and technologies that provided the fastest ROI. Within 6 months social media was established as a primary revenue source, and consumer listening provided insight into problems with pricing that were negatively impacting sales growth.