Using Facebook Graph Search To Test Campaigns

Using Facebook Graph Search To Test Campaigns

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Facebook Graph Search has moved from being cool to being really useful in understanding your audience and targeting marketing campaigns. Consider this use case. You are hired by a start-up company to launch a new energy drink in India. The client sees a niche opportunity as a lower cost alternative to Red Bull, which controls $2.9 billion of the Indian market. You do some surveys and figure out a few things about your target demographic. They are male, students, age 13-25, in urban markets and they aspire to drive Volkswagens. You know you will be spending some money on social media, event sponsorships, and street teams doing product demonstration taste tests. But who will you target, how will you reach them, and where do you place your budget?

#1. Start with a Facebook Graph search using information that you already know … Read More »

Top 10 Fan Page Tips To Gain Opulence

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Do these 10 things…make more money!

1.  To promote the most sharing, include a picture with each post, they create much more engagement.  Upload photo and video content directly to Facebook rather than linking to content on other platforms.  Facebook changed its Edgerank algorithm in Nov. 2012 to favor content that is hosted on site over off site.  Monitor the “Viral and Organic Reach” in Insights to see what content works the best, then post more of that kind of content.  Post long form written format in “Notes.”

2.  Post often…3-5 times per week if possible.  Remember you can pre-load posts by setting the date in the future.  We usually try to schedule at least 2 weeks, preferably a month of posts at a time.  Create a Call To Action with in some posts to create conversation or drive … Read More »

How To Allocate A Marketing Budget

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One of the most common questions that we hear from clients and potential clients ranging from small businesses to 3 Billion dollar enterprises is “How Big Should My Marketing Budget Be?” It takes money to do great marketing and each year budgets need to be defined, so how much is enough?

Q.  How much of a budget is reasonable?

A.  How much money do you want to make? (Don’t say lots)

There are two ways to arrive at a marketing budget:

Use a rule of thumb based on forecasted sales
Use a calculated approach

The first is simple and quick, but not very accurate. The other is much more exact, but takes a bit more work to figure out. Let’s examine them:


Back Of Napkin Approach


On average companies spend on between 3% and 7% of revenues on marketing. Smaller firms have lower revenue, so … Read More »

Four Reasons to Jettison the Traditional Website and Go Social

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I have spent a lot of time working in the small-business space—from starting my own endeavors to working with other entrepreneurs to start theirs—and one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is that you have to stay lean. To do so, you need to observe what the big guys are doing.

You can’t afford to do everything they do—you’re on a shoestring budget (and even if you’re not, you should pretend you are), but that’s precisely why you watch them. The big guys are doing all that they are doing because they have the resources to test multiple tactics and measure the results before committing to the ones that gets the best results.

So when you see that the big guys are doing X, most likely they’re doing so because they’ve tested and retested X, and it makes dollars and cents.

Here … Read More »

SEO Isn’t What You Think It Is

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Updates to Google’s algorithms mean that social engagement, rather than search engine trickery, yields top results.


Marketers are buzzing from the aftershocks of Google’s recent most updates, code-named Panda and Penguin.

Panda, which launched around February of 2011, started using artificial intelligence in new ways to enforce the best practices guidelines Google had long provided to those seeking to optimize their websites.

If Panda was a wrist slap, Penguin, launched in last April, was a body slam to websites still trying to “trick” the search engines into ranking them ahead of their competition. The update emphasized the importance of quality content, originality, and overall user experience.

Both the Panda and Penguin updates contained very clear messages for marketers: stop focusing on technology and tricks and start focusing on people. If your website appeals to people, it will appeal to Google’s algorithms too.

But the Panda … Read More »

Facebook Adopts Direct Marketing Tactics for Display Ads Brands

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Direct marketing often gets a bad rap. People don’t like talking about mailing lists and CRM if they can instead jaw on about this or that viral/disruptive/engaging/[insert jargon] campaign. But Facebook will soon give brands a new reason to care about direct marketing.

Next week, Facebook will begin allowing brands to put ads in front of users who may or may not be their fans on Facebook. As first reported by Inside Facebook, advertisers will be able to target users by user ID, email address or phone number, akin to how magazine publishers offer subscribers’ mailing addresses to direct marketing companies.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company has been testing the new targeting options with a select group of advertisers for a few months. In one case, a financial services company sought to convert current customers into fans of its Facebook page; … Read More »

Visualizing the Marketing Funnel – Whiteboard Friday

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In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, we will be talking about visualizing and measuring your marketing funnel. All too often basic web analytics can mislead marketers which can lead to investing in the wrong channels. Understanding what content drives people to your site and when will allow you to make much more informed decisions on where to invest your money.

Thanks for joining us and don’t forget to leave your comments below. Enjoy!



The SEOmoz Inbound Marketing Funnel

Video Transcription

Howdy, SEOmoz fans. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we’re talking about the inbound marketing funnel. Specifically, we’re talking about why basic web analytics can often fail and mislead marketers in to investing in a lot of the wrong channels. What I have done today is try to illustrate that visually with this beautiful funnel. I know, … Read More »

Return on Influence, the New ROI

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Three years ago, I invented a social media metric. I’d be lying if I said this was a divinely inspired event. I did it because it was necessary.

Here’s the story: Three years ago, I was prepping for a meeting where I hoped to convince a major CPG brand that my celebrity client was more influential in social media than other celebrities, and therefore they should invest their dollars in my proposed “social media endorsement deal.” (Remember at the time, Facebook was just emerging from its college roots and Twitter was nowhere yet.)

The dilemma, I knew, was the metrics. I knew that the company would expect me to defend my client’s value with the standard “cold metrics”–reach, frequency, page views, impressions, eyeballs captured. Executives who are about to spend lots of money like numbers, even when they know they’re flawed. Numbers … Read More »