Guide to Social Sales Techniques

: Online Marketing Playbook Today’s social customer goes though a series of steps on their way to making a purchase and becoming an advocate for your product or service. Learn how to utilize multiple opportunities to engage and connect with your customer, and guard against hidden pitfalls that can derail your sale.

This free guide provides 64 proven, high impact Action Items to help you close the sale. Based on a new model of customer sales behavior developed by Forrester Research, with marketing techniques from MiCom Media and thought leaders in online marketing, this guide shows you how to take advantage of the multiple touch points available to influence the purchase decision, and avoid your customer wandering off the path to purchase.

  • Contains 8 Action Items for each of the 8 steps in the evolved purchase process model…64 proven techniques to increase your sales.
  • Each step provides Action Items for Facebook, Google+, Search Marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog, Website, and YouTube.
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