Free Budgeting Template: How to Allocate A Marketing Budget

Free Budgeting Template How to Allocate A Marketing BudgetCreate a realistic budget based on your projected sales using this pre-configured budgeting template.

Use your current and projected lead conversions and sales goals to work backwards, and come up with a budget that is based on hard numbers, not wishful thinking.

Our template provides an answer that is easily understood by sales teams, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs seeking to understand how to allocate resources most effectively to attain sales goals.

In this template, you will input your current conversion ratios, your projected sales figures, and using industry benchmarks you will be able to accurately estimate the amount you should spend on marketing to hit your revenue targets.

  • Create realistic goals and projections that sales and marketing teams can agree to.
  • Accurately project how much money your company should be spending to meet your revenue goals.
  • Justify marketing budgets based on historical sales figures, and future sales goals.